Top 10 Celebrities that Look Younger Than They Really Are

by admin on June 3, 2009

You’ve seen them on television: The “forever young” crowd of celebrities that seem to have found the forbidden fountain of youth. Some of them are actresses, others are musicians or models. What they all have in common is their ability to fool their adoring public when it comes to their age.

1-Christie Brinkley

Former model and Covergirl, Christie Brinkley is the number one pick because in her 50s, she has the face, body, and overall presence of a young lady in her early 30’s. She’s beautiful, sophisticated, and seems to never age. Question: How could Billy Joel have ever let this one go?

2-Christina Ricci

Whether or not she’s dancing on a TV set as in the Moby video, Natural Blues, or running away from werewolves as in the movie Cursed, Christina Ricci’s babyface belies the fact that she’s actually nearly 30.

3-Reese Witherspoon

Perhaps it’s her youthful appearance on the Legally Blonde movies, but Reese Witherspoon does not seem to age. She’s looked the same way since Cruel Intentions premiered years ago.

4-Rachel McAdams

You’ve seen her in Wedding Crashers and she put the “mean” in Mean Girls. It’s amazing how she can convincingly play a tween in one movie and then a woman in her mid-twenties the next. There’s just something about Rachel McAdams that remains sweet and young.

5-Ashton Kutcher

How can he look the same way he did when he first starred in “That 70s Show” over a decade ago? Just maybe Demi Moore’s love keeps him looking so young and fresh!

6-Hayden Panettiere

Yes, this Heroe’s star is only 19….but without all the makeup, it’s pretty safe to assume she would look 10.

7-Drew Barrymore

This classic beauty is just a taller version of her ET self. As she gets prettier and prettier, the clock seems to slow down and she looks younger and younger.

8- Elijah Wood

The babyface says it all. With his big eyes and easy smile, this actor is sure to keep landing roles that makes him seem years younger.

9-Lorenz Tate

Known for his roles in Love Jones and Dead Presidents, Lorenz Tate is another cutie who the times have been good to. He played in many movies in the 90s and it seems as if his features haven’t changed since then.

10-Cyndi Crawford

The word “old” will never apply to this supermodel. Perhaps all those years of modeling helped maintain her youthful figure and beautiful face.

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